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    CD Box of Colors, Educational Arabic Songs For Kids

    Price:  USD15.00

    An extensive collection of Arabic Children’s songs, some familiar and others original. Cheerful, vocabulary-rich, and sometimes silly, these songs will get your kids singing-along and dancing and will be enjoyed by the whole family. Many age-appropriate lessons are introduced in the songs, such as concepts of family, the seasons, animals, days and months, number and foods. Arabic words are clear, well pronounced and familiar to everyone. You'll soon be singing along!

    Song List:

    1 Box of Colors ( علبة الوان )

    2 The Five Senses ( الحواس الخمس )

    3 Zee Zee (the Honeybee) ( زي زي )

    4 We Went On a Trip ( رحلة حلوة )

    5 I’m a Duck ( أنا بطة )

    6 The Big Dream ( الحلم الكبير )

    7 I’m a Chicken ( أنا دجاجة )

    8 No, No, No! Don’t Cry ( لا لا لا تبكي )

    9 My Old Grandma ( ستي الختيارة )

    10 Mother’s Day ( عيد الام )

    11 Spring In Jordan ( ربيع الاردن )

    12 Beautiful Words ( الكلمة الحلوة )

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