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    CD Ya Geddi wa Setti (Grandma & Granddpa) Educational Arabic Children's Music

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    An extensive collection of Arabic Children’s songs, some familiar and others original. Cheerful, vocabulary-rich, and sometimes silly, these songs will get your kids singing-along and dancing while they learn proper Arabic. Many age-appropriate lessons are introduced in the songs, such as concepts of family, the seasons, animals, days and months, number and foods. Arabic words are clear, well pronounced and familiar to everyone. You'll soon be singing along too!

    Song List:

    1 Ya Geddi and Setti (Grandpa and Grandma) ( يا جدي و ستي )

    2 Schools Starts Tomorrow! ( بكرة بتفتح مدرستي )

    3 Rain Rain Go Away ( روح يا شتا )

    4 Who Is Knocking At My Door? ( مين دق على بابي )

    5 My School Bus ( باص مدرستي )

    6 Ten Fish In the Water ( عشر سمكات )

    7 The Sun Comes Out ( طلعت الشمس )

    8 My Telephone Is Ringing! (تلفوني )

    9 Baa Baa the Sheep ( بآء بآء خروف )

    10 Today Is My Birthday ( اليوم اليوم عيدي )

    11 Cummerstar (Hide and Seek) ( كمستير )

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