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    DVD Colors All Around

    Price:  USD14.99

    يعرّف “الألوان من حولنا” الأطفال على عالم الألوان المشوق من خلال الأغاني والدمى والرسوم المتحركة بالإضافة لصورٍ من الطبيعة الغنية بالألوان ومشاهدَ من الحياة من حولنا. سيستمتع طفلك بمشاهد الدمى المتحركة ومشاهد الأطفال بالأزياء المختلفة، وستستمتع أنت أيضاً مع طفلك بغناء ودندنة الأغاني التي تم تأليفها وتلحينها خصيصاً لهذا العمل

    This educational Arabic DVD for kids introduces babies and toddlers to the vibrant world of colors through song, puppets, animation and real life footage. Children in costume, funny puppet skits, and an original soundtrack will delight children and parents. The film introduces primary and secondary colors as well as black and white. Quizzes offer plenty of opportunity for parent-child interaction. Repetition is employed to insure the children learn their colors and color associations to their favorite foods or objects.

    COLORS AROUND US is the color-wheel at your fingertips! Explore the world of colors through a child's eye in this mesmerizing new video. Take your child on a journey into the vibrant world of colors through songs, puppets, toys, animation and live footage. Children in costume and funny puppet skits will delight your child; The songs are sure to have parent and child singing and humming along. Bonus material: SONGS, PUPPET SKITS, NAME THE COLORS, LETS COLOR. Repetition is employed to insure repeated exposure to the colors will teach the child the names. © 2019   Privacy Notice